Her Intercultural Projects

In Switzerland, she developed a love for music and often listened to classical music by master composers on radio while doing homework or other chores. Back in Bangkok, she frequently attended university concerts, students’ musical events and Convents’ and Churches’ sacred music performances, as well as international music and performance festivals at the Thailand Cultural Centre.

She patronized a number of local Thai musical and performance troupes, however small they might be, such as The Joe Louis Traditional Thai Puppet Troupe, founded by Master Sakorn Yong-keawsot (Joe Louis), a descendant of the traditional puppeteer family, dated back to 1901. Her support helped preserve the classical art of Thai small puppetry and sustained the creative livelihood of this struggling puppeteer’s family.

Since 1997, she pondered the possibility of Thai musical communities being further animated and elevated to an international standard. In 2004, she created a Fund for Classical Music Promotion of which she became president. The fund supported classical music and related cultural expression activities, provided assistance to Thai musicians to further study, and promoted competitions and concerts both in Thailand and internationally. She supported the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra and the Chulalongkorn University Symphony Orchestra, and was the patroness of the Bangkok Opera. In 2007, on the occasion of her 84th Birthday, a conservatory of music with a contemporary approach to classical music, was conceived, to which the Princess graciously gave her name: Princess Galyani Vadhana Institute of Music.